Bulk Cargo transport.

• We use all sizes of trucks for haulage ranging from 3 tones to trailers. This has given us advantage and preference with our ever growing list of clients.
• We maintain Goods in Transit insurance policy for goods in transit within COMESA region


Parcel / Consolidation Services

• We collect and deliver cargo door to door. • The cost of delivery varies with distance from point of origin to the final destination with reference to weight and volume of our customers' goods. • We carry both fragile and bulky goods and we have no limit to how much each client would wish to transport


General Supplies and Storage

With our wide interaction with both non-profit and profit making organizations/companies we undertook to partner with our clients in the areas of supplying general relief and commercial products. We have especially served those organizations that have had problems of being supplied with poor quality products from their nominal suppliers.

Custom Clearing.

• We provide clearing services of incoming and transit cargo at reasonable fee and in short time to ensure our clients don't pay any demurrage charges at the ports of entry of goods in to Kenya. • Further we clear goods out of Kenya and work together with our clients to clear goods into other destination countries.

To be the preferred cargo transport company and parcel service provider in COMESA region.
Partnership for quality, timely and cost effective services
Who we are!

Who We Are

The Company

Credible Services Ltd has its headquarters in Nairobi Kenya. We focus on the following areas of service delivery: bulk cargo transport, parcel/Consolidation Services, Supplies and Storage of Goods and custom clearing.